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Apology and Notice Concerning Leakage of Personal Information

We would like to inform you that the room reservation system (hereinafter referred to as "the system") provided by Booking.com / operated and managed by Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel has been illegally accessed. There is a possibility that some customers' personal information has been leaked.

We have also confirmed that a malicious person has sent a message to some of our customers to direct them to a phishing site. We are still investigating the details of this incident. We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience this may have caused.

(1) Overview
On August 7, 2023, we received a message from a customer who had made a room reservation through the system that he/she had received a message with a URL link leading to a phishing site via the chat function in the system. Upon investigation, we have confirmed that the message was sent to some customers between August 7 and August 8, 2023.
It has also been discovered that the reservation information on the system may have been illegally accessed and the personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, reservation date, and reservation status) of the registered customers may have been leaked.
(2) Requests
Customers are advised not to carelessly access messages that lead to phishing sites, or files or links attached to suspicious e-mails.
We will not send you payment reminders or direct you to other sites without a valid reason.
If you have received such an e-mail, please do not access another site or make a payment.
(3) Future Customer Service and Immediate Countermeasures
We will send a notice of apology and caution to each customer whose message was illegally sent through the system, and we will also respond to inquiries, etc., from customers who may have been affected by the leak. We are currently investigating the cause of the leak with the relevant authorities, and will take all possible measures to prevent a recurrence by implementing the necessary countermeasures.
We will promptly announce more detailed information as soon as it becomes available.
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact
Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel Sales & Marketing Department
Contact:Douta Yatoumaru, Akina Kawakami
For inquiries from the press regarding this matter, please contact
Public Relations, Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co.
(within the Public Relations Department of Mori Trust Co.)
Contact: Aizawa
TEL:03-6435-8433 / E-Mail:koho@mori-trust.co.jp